Atlas of Mind, Body and Spirit

Pages and illustrations from the Atlas of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Below are serveral pages and artworks from the Atlas of Mind, Body and Spirit publication from 2006. It's still a project I am incredibly proud of – not particularly because of the subject matter, but because of the challenge we were presented with in producing such a complex project on a shoestring budget. £6K for all the design, artwork and editorial work for a tome that was over 300 pages long, with every DPS illustrated. The incredibly smart author supplied us with a spread by spread breakdown, along with references to the body maps and/or concepts behind them, (as well as being a darn good writer). There was no photography budget, so I proposed using Poser to create the base models, which in the end gave us much more control and flexibility than using real models or illustration. The Photoshop work was shared between myself and another splinter-group associate, Rebecca Painter.
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