Illustrated Publishing

Book publishing was my design foundation.

Information design was where I started in my career. My Dorling Kindersley background has always taught me to put content ahead of style. This design rule can be applied to any field of information or editorial design, and if you follow it, you will find the styling will always emerge from the content.
Below – A jacket and three presentation speads for Hylas (US).
Below – Three spreads from the Cub Scout America series for DK. We (splinter-group), took on two series of the 16 page booklets. The publishers would supply a broad outline and we would do all the writing and editing, research and devise the activities, design and produce all required artwork and photo-manipulation.
Below – The jacket and two spreads were an original presentation from the early days of splinter-group which I'm still very proud of. Back in the early noughties DK were looking for some different approaches to children's publishing. Though the use of Photoshop layering and effects is common now in all forms of publishing, at that time the ultra-integrated approach seemed far ahead of the competition and was well-liked by the clients.
Below – A fresh design appraoch to the very traditional subject of Whiskey.
Below – Three spreads from 50+ Pilates produced for Gaia Books.
Below – Three sample spreads produced for the DK Cribbers guides.
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