web - various bits and bobs

Various bits and bobs of web styling.

These are some various bits and bobs of web styling. There are other examples scattered throughout the portfolio, these are just the lose ends that weren't aren't tied to an overall branding project.
Below – Two new VitalPAC responsive screen designs, for a hospital bed management system. Designed to run on an iPad.
(Cannot be shown to protect IP)
Below – 3 simple screens produced for @uthored@pps.com, iPad publishers. HTML 5, CSS, Photoshop. Homepage slider commissioned from Boban Karisik (www.serie3.info).
Below – Home screen for DK's e>>guide websites from 2006. Exclusively for the purchsers of the actual travel guides, these sites were designed to supply the latest information for each destination. I produced eight sites in total to DK's styling. HTML 4, CSS, Photoshop.
Below – Portfolio website produced for my father, David Harris (www.cadelharris.co.uk). The site shows examples of my father's cadels, calligraphic paintings, font design and sculpture work. HTML 4, CSS, Photoshop.
Below – original splinter-group portfolio website (www.splinter-group.net). HMTL 4, CSS, Flash animation and Photoshop.
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